November 28th @ 6:03 PM GMT
CBS News Crowds are gathering in Havana's Revolution Square for the beginning of a two-day memorial for Fidel Castro. The former dictator, who ruled Cuba for 49 years, died Friday. Castro's death marks the end of an era. Whether it's the start of a new one for Cuba remains to be seen. Charlie Rose reports. (World)
November 28th @ 5:44 PM GMT
CBS News Dictator's Russian-backed offensive poised to reclaim Aleppo in what would be major blow to U.S.-backed opposition (World)
November 28th @ 5:34 PM GMT
CBS News Some Cubans wonder if Raul Castro will now pursue democratic reforms -- but some wives and mothers of jailed dissidents are skeptical (World)
November 28th @ 5:17 PM GMT
Yahoo! West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis must pay ex-club Crystal Palace 3.7 million pounds ($4.6 million) after losing a court case over his departure. (World)
November 28th @ 5:13 PM GMT
Yahoo! Rights groups are urging Ugandan security forces to show restraint as they crack down on a tribal militia in a remote area near Congo. (World)
November 28th @ 5:11 PM GMT
Yahoo! Hundreds of people left the besieged town of Khan al-Shih southwest of Damascus on Monday under a deal with the Syrian government for safe passage to other rebel-held areas, a monitoring group said. The Syrian government, helped by Russian air power and Iran-backed militias, has steadily quashed armed opposition to its rule in the remaining pockets of resistance around the capital using a series of army offensives and evacuation agreements. Damascus describes the deals as reconciliation or ... (World)
November 28th @ 5:09 PM GMT
Yahoo! Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama on Monday criticized foreign countries for interfering in the politics of the West Balkan states at a time of widespread concern about Russia's influence. Rama did not mention Russia by name but diplomats from the region have complained for some time that Russia is trying to boost its influence in countries such as Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and now also Albania. ''In our region people from abroad who will exploit any uncertainty to ruin our relation... (World)
November 28th @ 5:07 PM GMT
Yahoo! By Subrata Nagchoudhury KOLKATA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Police in eastern India have rescued 13 babies and discovered the skeletons of two infants in raids on homes for the elderly and mentally disabled, as a probe into a suspected international human trafficking ring widened on Monday. Ten infants, all under one year old, were found on Friday in a home for the mentally disabled run by a charity in the impoverished district of South 24 Parganas in West Bengal. While in another raid i... (World)
November 28th @ 5:05 PM GMT
Yahoo! By Beh Lih Yi KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Malaysian kindergarten teacher Indira Gandhi last saw her infant daughter in 2009 before her estranged husband snatched the 11-month-old away after an argument. Gandhi is one of several women whose husbands converted to Islam in Muslim-majority Malaysia, before secretly converting their children and then applying for custody of them in an Islamic court. As a Hindu, Gandhi is unable to challenge his bid in the Islamic court because sh... (World)