November 28th @ 9:31 PM GMT
CBS News Police are reporting an active shooter on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. Fire officials say seven people have been taken to local hospitals. The FBI is now responding. Jeff Pegues reports. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 9:30 PM GMT
CBS News Campus alert system tells students to ''Run Hide Fight;'' at least nine reported wounded, one critically (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 7:49 PM GMT
CBS News Seat belts are meant to protect us in car crashes, but for some drivers, they can be harmful. Drivers 85 years and older are nine times more likely per mile driven to be hurt in a crash. Chest injuries are most common and they're linked to the seat belt. Only on ''CBS This Morning,'' Kris Van Cleave takes a look at how researchers are learning why one-sized seat belts don't fit all. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 7:48 PM GMT
CBS News Dylann Roof told by judge his decision to act as his own lead attorney is ''unwise,'' but the alleged shooter presses ahead in court (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 7:39 PM GMT
CBS News Terrorists in Belgium killed 32 people in March through attacks at Brussels Airport and a train station. Former professional basketball player Sebastien Bellin was among the wounded at the airport. He was on his way home to his wife and two young daughters in Michigan. CBS News' Vladimir Duthiers followed Bellin's story over the past eight months. Bellin joins ''CBS This Morning'' to discuss how he's moving on in his recovery journey. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 7:31 PM GMT
CBS News People are gathering across Cuba to remember former dictator Fidel Castro who died on Friday. CBS News spoke with the Cuban leader on several occasions during his time in power. When Castro appeared on ''Face the Nation'' in 1959, 200 armed men joined him in the Havana studio. Charlie Rose joins ''CBS This Morning'' from Havana to discuss his impression of Castro and the future of Cuba. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 6:33 PM GMT
CBS News Consumers on Cyber Monday will fill their digital shopping carts in record numbers. Online sales today are expected to reach more than $3 billion. But cyber security experts warn that smartphone shoppers could be at risk because of dangerous and sometimes counterfeit apps. Anna Werner reports. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 6:33 PM GMT
CBS News Some Cuban-Americans living in Miami describe Fidel Castro's death as a light at the end of the tunnel. Thousands of people filled Calle Ocho, the heart of Miami's Little Havana, to celebrate over the weekend. David Begnaud reports. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 6:28 PM GMT
CBS News Cubans across generations are reacting in very different ways to Fidel Castro's death. Older people who grew up under Castro's regime are demonstrating loyalty, but some younger Cubans who have lived through tremendous change say they don't feel a strong attachment. Manuel Bojorquez reports from Havana's Revolution Square. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 6:26 PM GMT
CBS News Researchers are learning why seat belts designed to protect the average-size driver may actually cause problems for smaller, elderly drivers (U.S. News)