November 28th @ 7:13 PM GMT
CBS News Halima Aden, a 19-year-old Somali American, has made it to the semis as the first woman to compete in the Minnesota pageant fully clothed (Entertainment)
November 26th @ 2:00 PM GMT
Yahoo! Through its first three episodes, Telltales Batman game series has managed to carve out a niche, tackling very familiar territory in its own unique way. The Batman you control is a composite of the choices youve made in the game, while characters like the Penguin, Harvey Dent, and Catwoman all feel distinct from other takes on the Dark Knight. In episode four, called Guardian of Gotham, this trend continues with the introduction of a compelling new take on the Joker. (Technology)
November 26th @ 9:02 PM GMT
CNN Police have detained 23 people on suspicion of arson in connection with wildfires that swept across central and northern Israel this week, said police spokeswoman Luba Samri. (World)
November 25th @ 7:47 PM GMT
Yahoo! Police on Friday arrested a suspect in the fatal knife attack on a woman at a retirement home for Catholic missionaries in southern France after a vast manhunt, authorities said. (World)
November 26th @ 2:07 AM GMT
Yahoo! A 33-year-old man is dead and a woman is critical after a motorcycle and SUV collided in Northeast Philadelphia. (U.S. News)
November 16th @ 4:48 PM GMT
E! Online After being crowned Woman of the Year at GQ Australia Men of the Year Awards Wednesday, the rapper celebrated her body instead of her award. (Entertainment)
Iggy Azalea
November 25th @ 6:25 PM GMT
Yahoo! A former first lady of Peru who is facing money-laundering charges will receive immunity through her new posting with a United Nations agency in Geneva, the UN said Friday. ''Privileges and immunities (are) extended to staff of all UN agencies, and staff members of specialised agencies in the exercise of their functions,'' UN spokeswoman Alessandra Vellucci said in a statement. (World)
November 26th @ 10:54 AM GMT
Yahoo! Wildfires near Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank have forced hundreds to flee their homes, after mass evacuations in Israel and more than a dozen arrests, police said Saturday. Around 1,000 residents had to leave the Halamish settlement near Ramallah as 45 homes were damaged or destroyed by fire, a police spokeswoman said. Blazes were also reported near the West Bank settlements of Dolev, Alfei Menashe and Karnei Shomron although there were no evacuations there. (World)
November 28th @ 5:00 PM GMT
Yahoo! Police are looking for the home invader who sexually assaulted a woman inside her Bensalem apartment over the weekend. (U.S. News)
November 26th @ 10:00 AM GMT
CBS News The San Antonio Police Department said the victim was in his car and saw a woman being pulled by her hair by another man, and allegedly told the man to let go before being shot (U.S. News)