November 28th @ 10:43 AM GMT
Yahoo! The tech giant lays out its plans for the future of Ubuntu and Bash on Windows 10. (Business)
November 28th @ 2:28 PM GMT
Yahoo! Say you wanted to build the perfect Windows laptop: what would you include? Its one of a few laptops vying to be named the Best Default Windows Laptop For Everybody alongside HPs Spectre x360, Acers Spin 7, and the venerable Dell XPS 13. Like those laptops, its getting a bonus second look from people who are disappointed by the new MacBook Pros. (Technology)
November 28th @ 12:43 PM GMT
Yahoo! Storage quotas can be a boon for managing available storage pools. But if the registry entries become corrupt and tattoo the system, they can render a computer unusable and be a nightmare for end users. (Technology)
November 28th @ 11:55 AM GMT
SlashDot An anonymous reader shares a Softpedia article: Microsoft has finally acknowledged the potential that the open-source world in general, and Linux in particular, boasts, so the company is exploring its options to expand in this area with every occasion. Most recently, an episode posted on Channel 9 and entitled ''Improvements to Bash on Windows and the Windows Console'' with senior program manager Rich Turner calls for Linux developers to give up on their platforms for Windows 10. ''Fi... (Technology)
November 25th @ 6:17 PM GMT
SlashDot An anonymous reader quotes a report from Windows Central: Microsoft has made several adjustments to its design language over the last few years, starting with Windows 8 and evolving into what we now know as ''Microsoft Design Language 2'' or MDL2 in Windows 10. With MDL2 being the current design language used throughout Windows 10, Microsoft has plans to begin using a much more streamlined design language with Redstone 3, codenamed Project NEON. Cassim Ketfi at confirms our... (Technology)