November 26th @ 8:15 AM GMT
CBS News The Harvard Public Schools superintendent asked police to investigate (U.S. News)
August 30th @ 12:03 AM GMT
E! Online The singing superstar took care of her civic obligation in Nashville this morning when she arrived at the criminal courthouse in (Entertainment)
Taylor Swift
November 28th @ 6:11 PM GMT
Yahoo! An average of three Canadian soldiers were sexually assaulted or harassed each day over the past year, usually by a superior, according to a survey released Monday. The figures show endemic sexual misconduct within the ranks persisting more than a year after a scathing report accused the military of being ''hostile'' to women and homosexuals. Vance noted that 30 officers had already been stripped of their command or supervisory role for ignoring his order last year to all troops to stop... (Politics)
November 28th @ 5:21 AM GMT
Yahoo! Glenn Robinson usually plays in the shadow of superstar teammate Paul George. Robinson played in place of injured George for the second-straight game and scored 17 points to lead the Pacers to a 91-70 win over the second place Los Angeles Clippers. George has been sidelined with a left ankle injury and a sore back. (Sports)
September 30th @ 8:21 PM GMT
E! Online While the multi-Grammy winner (you know, the one who once ended her (Entertainment)
Lady Gaga, Super Bowl 2016, national anthem
Lady Gaga, Super Bowl 2016, national anthem
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September 7th @ 12:01 AM GMT
E! Online The superstar turned 35 on Sept. 4 and she celebrated with all of her close friends and family. After attending the Made in America (Entertainment)
November 28th @ 4:33 PM GMT
Yahoo! If you want to use one of today's major VR headsets, whether the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, or the PS VR, you have to accept the fact that there will be an illusion-shattering cable that tethers you to the small supercomputer that's powering your virtual world. Instead of using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transmit data, the research teams MoVR system uses high-frequency millimeter wave radio to stream data from a computer to a headset wirelessly at dramatically faster speeds than traditional te... (Technology)
November 28th @ 1:12 PM GMT
CBS Sports ght to be a Super Bowl contender, Bengals fall to 3-7-1 and fruitless Lewis era coul (Sports)
November 28th @ 1:29 PM GMT
Yahoo! Pelearse en tiendas ya pas de moda. Las compras a travs de telfonos y tabletas marcaron un nuevo rcord durante el pasado Viernes Negro en EE.UU. (Technology)
November 25th @ 12:54 PM GMT
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