November 25th @ 10:00 PM GMT
Yahoo! The socialist leader also defended First Lady Cilia Flores as a ''revolutionary'' in his first public reaction to the guilty verdict handed down by a New York jury a week ago against two of her brothers' sons. The pair -- Efrain Antonio Campo Flores, 30, and Francisco Flores de Freitas, 31 -- were convicted of plotting to smuggle 800 kilos (1,760 pounds) of cocaine into the United States. ''Do you think this was a coincidence?'' Maduro asked supporters at a rally in Caracas. (Politics)
September 27th @ 9:50 PM GMT
E! Online The actor known for his roles in Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and more projects shared good news with his followers on social media (Entertainment)
Sam Page, Cassidy Elliott
November 28th @ 7:06 PM GMT
Yahoo! In a massive crackdown, police and law enforcement agencies across Europe have seized more than 4,500 website domains trading in counterfeit goods, often via social networks, officials said on Monday. The operation came as Europol, Europe's police agency, unveiled its newest campaign dubbed ''Don't F***(AKE) Up'' to stop scam websites selling fake brand names online. Its instant global reach and anonymity make it possible to sell nearly anything to anyone at any time,'' Europol said. (Technology)
September 23rd @ 9:09 PM GMT
E! Online The mother of two shared on social media the affectionate gift that she received from her son Max, J.Lo even transcribed how the (Entertainment)
Jennifer Lopez, Maximilian David Muniz
November 27th @ 9:12 PM GMT
Reuters Francois Fillon, a socially conservative free-marketeer, won France's center-right presidential primaries on Sunday, setting up a likely showdown next year with far-right leader Marine Le Pen that the pollsters expect him to win. (Top Stories)
September 14th @ 12:05 PM GMT
E! Online The 40-year-old actress took a startling selfie on the set of her new movie, Worthless, and shared it via social media Tuesday. (Entertainment)
Tara Reid
November 25th @ 4:21 PM GMT
Yahoo! The fierce divisions in President-elect Donald Trumps inner circle over the choice of secretary of state spilled into public view Thursday as a top Trump transition adviser shared a Politico story about Trump loyalists warning against Mitt Romneys potential selection. Receiving deluge of social media & private comms re: Romney, wrote the adviser, Kellyanne Conway, who was also Trumps campaign manager. The tweets were striking development as Trump decides who will run the State Departmen... (Politics)
September 27th @ 11:30 PM GMT
E! Online Lea Michele is one busy lady: from her acting career to her music to her social life, the 30-year-old is always on the go, which is why she needs someplace special to retreat to at the end of each (Entertainment)
Lea Michele, Instyle Magazine
Lea Michele, Instyle Magazine
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September 27th @ 11:24 PM GMT
E! Online With the power of social media and the Internet, receiving both the good and bad (Entertainment)
Kendall Jenner, Garage Magazine