November 28th @ 2:34 PM GMT
Yahoo! The major US technology companies, almost uniformly opposed to Donald Trump's candidacy, saw huge stock declines in the wake of November 8, but most have now rebounded to near their pre-election levels. Some observers are saying it makes little difference who is in the White House, and others argue Trump is unlikely to carry out the promises -- and threats -- he made during a bitter campaign. Trump sent shivers through Silicon Valley during his election bid by pledging to squeeze trade fro... (Politics)
November 26th @ 6:05 AM GMT
Yahoo! Though just a few hours by road from California's progressive bastions of Los Angeles or San Francisco, Bakersfield is a world away from Tinseltown or Silicon Valley and firmly in Trumpland. In this town, 54 percent of the population voted for Donald Trump and only 39 percent backed his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton though she won two thirds of the overall vote in California. ''I voted for Donald Trump because I felt he would actually do something, he's a businessman,'' said Lane S... (Top Stories)
November 25th @ 1:17 PM GMT
SlashDot From a ScienceDaily alert: Scientists have managed to coax living cells into making carbon-silicon bonds, demonstrating for the first time that nature can incorporate silicon -- one of the most abundant elements on Earth -- into the building blocks of life. While chemists have achieved carbon-silicon bonds before -- they're found in everything from paints and semiconductors to computer and TV screens -- they've so far never been found in nature, and these new cells could help us understan... (Technology)