November 26th @ 6:52 PM GMT
Yahoo! Now that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has received over $5 million to fund a recount in Wisconsin, and other battleground states, an official from the Clinton campaign has announced that they would be assisting with the recount efforts, even as the final results are not expected to change. Since the election, Elias noted, the Clinton campaign has been working to examine the election results, consulting with data scientists and lawyers to look for evidence of tampering, and ... (Technology)
November 28th @ 5:48 PM GMT
Yahoo! Port-au-Prince (AFP) - Haiti's interim leader Jocelerme Privert on Monday called for calm before preliminary results from the first round of the Caribbean country's presidential election are released later in the day. ''Resorting to acts of violence can only spoil the fruits of the beautiful day we had on November 20,'' Privert said at the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince, referring to the vote held earlier this month. The election was a key step in restoring constitutional order... (Politics)
November 25th @ 5:19 PM GMT
Reuters Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said on Friday her effort to request recounts of the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania was aimed at assessing the integrity of the U.S. voting system, not at undermining Donald Trump's White House victory. (Politics)
November 27th @ 8:06 AM GMT
Yahoo! Islamist-dominated opposition groups and their allies secured nearly half of the Kuwaiti parliament's seats, official results showed Sunday, raising fears of fresh political wrangling in the oil-rich Gulf state. The opposition and its allies won 24 of the assembly's 50 seats, the electoral authority announced following Saturday's snap election called after a dispute over the hiking of petrol prices. Around half of the opposition candidates who won seats are Islamists from a Muslim Brothe... (World)
November 26th @ 9:39 PM GMT
Yahoo! No sooner had Wales beaten South Africa 27-13 in Cardiff to end a wretched 2016 for the Springboks then the president of SA Rugby announced plans for a review and governance overhaul. Saturday's result, just South Africa's third defeat by Wales, saw the Springboks post an eighth loss in 12 Tests in 2016 -- their worst record for a full season since their return from apartheid-induced isolation. ''It has been a profoundly disappointing season in terms of results and we are acutely aware ... (World)
November 27th @ 3:19 PM GMT
Yahoo! Switzerland's ageing nuclear reactors will keep running for the foreseeable future, after voters Sunday rejected a call to speed up the phaseout of the plants. A full 54.2 percent of voters and an overwhelming majority of Switzerland's 26 cantons voted against an initiative which would have forced three of the country's five nuclear reactors to close next year, according to final results. Just a few months after Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant was destroyed in the March 2011 tsunami dis... (World)
November 25th @ 10:34 PM GMT
Yahoo! Former Green Party candidate Jill Stein submitted papers Friday to request a vote recount in Wisconsin, one of three battleground states won by Donald Trump and where she intends to challenge the results. The Wisconsin Elections Commission said it is ''preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States'' as requested by Stein and separately by a fringe candidate. The commission said the deadline for completing a recount is December 13, so its ... (Politics)
November 27th @ 8:04 PM GMT
Yahoo! Francois Fillon, a conservative reformist promising to slash the French state, took a strong lead in the race to become the rightwing candidate in next year's presidential election, partial results showed Sunday. Ex-prime minister Fillon won 68.7 percent of early votes counted in the US-style primary to pick the nominee of the Republicans party, who will become a favourite to be France's next leader. The French presidential vote is seen as a key test for mainstream political parties after... (Politics)
November 25th @ 4:47 PM GMT
Yahoo! Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised funds to launch a recount in the second of three battleground states won by Donald Trump where she intends to challenge the results. Stein has raised more than $4.8 million of her $7 million goal, enough to fund a recount in Pennsylvania, her website said on Friday. ''Now that we have completed funding Wisconsin's recount (where we will file on Friday) and funding Pennsylvania's recount (due Monday), we will focus on raisin... (Politics)
November 25th @ 5:57 PM GMT
Reuters ake Gold and Newmarket Gold announce results oftheir respective special meeting of shareholders voting infavour of the business combination (Business)