November 25th @ 11:42 AM GMT
Yahoo! Ex-president Viktor Yanukovich will be questioned as a witness on Friday by a Ukrainian court trying police officers accused of killing demonstrators during the protests in Kiev that forced him to flee in 2014. Yanukovich has lived in Russia since escaping Kiev in the final days of the uprising, which installed a pro-European leadership and lit the fuse for Moscow's annexation of Crimea and a separatist conflict in the mainly Russian-speaking east. More than 100 demonstrators were killed i... (World)
November 25th @ 9:17 AM GMT
Reuters Malaysia will summon Myanmar's ambassador over the crackdown on Rohingya Muslims in northwestern Rakhine state, its foreign ministry said on Friday, as hundreds of protesters across Southeast Asia demonstrated against the escalating violence. (World)
November 25th @ 11:48 AM GMT
Yahoo! Angry Muslim protesters took to the streets from Jakarta to Dhaka on Friday to denounce Myanmar over allegations of indiscriminate killing and rape in a military crackdown on the country's Rohingya Muslim minority. Around 5,000 Bangladeshi Muslims demonstrated in the capital Dhaka after Friday prayers, with hundreds more protesting in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok to accuse Myanmar of ethnic cleansing and genocide in its northern Rakhine state. Muslim-majority Malaysia's Cabinet also ... (World)
November 25th @ 8:07 PM GMT
Yahoo! Ukraine's ousted former president Viktor Yanukovych said Friday he regretted ''not having called in the army and declared martial law'' in his bid to crush a pro-EU revolt in February 2014. ''My biggest mistake was, I could not, I did not find the strength in me to sign the decree to call in the army and introduce martial law,'' Kremlin-backed Yanukovych told reporters in Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia. Ukraine's so-called Euromaidan protests lasted three months and culminated ... (World)
November 28th @ 11:07 AM GMT
Reuters A new crop of ads on New York City subway cars reads ''Justice now, but justice how?'' The words evoke the tone of street protests over police killings of black men across the United States during the past three years. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 8:16 AM GMT
Reuters China said on Monday it had lodged a protest with Singapore after Singaporean armored troop carriers were seized by Hong Kong customs en route back from Taiwan, as a state-owned newspaper warned against Singapore's ''hypocrisy''. (World)
November 26th @ 9:59 AM GMT
Yahoo! Hundreds of thousands rallied in central Seoul on Saturday for a fifth week of protests against President Park Geun-hye, in the largest ongoing series of demonstrations in the country since the 1987 movement to democratize South Korea. Prosecutors investigating the case have indicted her friend, Choi Soon-sil, and are seeking to question the president about her role in the scandal. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 8:24 AM GMT
Yahoo! Tens of thousands of people turned out Monday for nationwide protests against India's controversial ban on high-value banknotes, which opposition party organisers say has caused a ''financial emergency''. India is still reeling from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shock decision nearly three weeks ago to pull 86 percent of the currency from circulation overnight, triggering a chronic shortage of notes in an economy that operates almost entirely on cash. Around 25,000 people took to the... (Politics)
November 28th @ 10:07 AM GMT
Yahoo! Drivers for ride service company Uber will join planned nationwide protests on Tuesday, when activists and low-wage workers renew their call for better pay and the right to join a union in the wake of Donald Trump's U.S. presidential election win, organizers said. Hundreds of Uber drivers in two dozen cities, including San Francisco, Miami and Boston, for the first time will add their voices to the union-backed ''Fight for $15'' campaign that has helped convince several cities and stat... (Top Stories)
November 27th @ 1:48 PM GMT
Yahoo! Algerian police on Sunday broke up a protest in the capital against a reform to end early retirement that is to be debated in parliament, an AFP correspondent said. A drop in oil revenues prompted the draft law to end both early retirement and retirement after 32 years of contributions to a pension fund regardless of age. Protests have been banned in public places in Algeria since 2001. (Politics)