September 23rd @ 9:09 PM GMT
E! Online The mother of two shared on social media the affectionate gift that she received from her son Max, J.Lo even transcribed how the (Entertainment)
Jennifer Lopez, Maximilian David Muniz
November 14th @ 12:00 PM GMT
E! Online The Hamilton impresario would love to see that (Entertainment)
Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Mauel Miranda
Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Mauel Miranda
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October 11th @ 12:00 PM GMT
E! Online But in an exclusive E! News interview with Zuri Hall in honor of E! Stars: Where Are They Now? week, the reality star (Entertainment)
Girls Next Door, Kendra
October 7th @ 10:14 PM GMT
E! Online Prince Royce met up with Jorge Bernal at Hollywood gym Made in LA and things got (Entertainment)
Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez
October 22nd @ 3:03 AM GMT
E! Online Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez have built a friendship over the years that includes some brilliant collaborations, so when Armando Prez was asked about working with the ''Dance Again'' (Entertainment)
Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull
August 28th @ 2:59 PM GMT
E! Online The chart topper joined ex-husband Marc Anthony onstage during his New York City tour stop at (Entertainment)
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony
November 28th @ 1:32 PM GMT
CNN Steven Lopez has gone without health insurance for 15 years, and the Affordable Care Act hasn't changed his mind. Once again this year, he will forgo coverage, he said, even though it means another tax penalty. (Top Stories)
November 25th @ 5:44 PM GMT
Yahoo! Authorities say Mexican TV and movie actor Renato Lopez has been shot to death in a car on a highway outside of Mexico City. A publicity agent was also killed in the attack. (World)