November 25th @ 11:11 PM GMT
Yahoo! A Brazilian judge froze Friday some $300 million in assets owned by a former Rio de Janeiro state governor, five of his aides and French tire-maker Michelin over illegal tax breaks. Judge Neusa Larsen ordered the freeze in the wake of a Rio court decision in October ordering the parties to reimburse the government in the amount of illegal tax breaks received beginning in 2010. At the time, Sergio Cabral was governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro. (World)
November 28th @ 7:48 PM GMT
CBS News Dylann Roof told by judge his decision to act as his own lead attorney is ''unwise,'' but the alleged shooter presses ahead in court (U.S. News)
November 26th @ 10:08 PM GMT
Yahoo! A judge Saturday gave Peru's ex-first lady Nadine Heredia 10 days to return to her country, where she is under investigation, or face preventative detention. The FAO is the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. (World)
November 28th @ 5:11 PM GMT
CNN A federal judge on Monday granted Dylann Roof's motion to represent himself, and Roof is being permitted to object if he feels potential jurors are not fit to serve on the jury deciding his fate. (Top Stories)
November 25th @ 4:10 PM GMT
Reuters Accused white supremacist Dylann Roof is mentally competent to stand trial for the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church last year, a federal judge ruled on Friday. (U.S. News)
November 28th @ 6:43 PM GMT
Yahoo! A judge has allowed the white man accused of fatally shooting nine black parishioners in a Charleston church last year to defend himself as jury selection continues. (U.S. News)
November 25th @ 9:38 PM GMT
Reuters Payday lenders asked a federal judge in Washington, D.C., for emergency relief to stop what they called a coordinated effort by U.S. regulators to stop banks from doing business with them, threatening their survival. (Business)