November 27th @ 8:06 AM GMT
Yahoo! Islamist-dominated opposition groups and their allies secured nearly half of the Kuwaiti parliament's seats, official results showed Sunday, raising fears of fresh political wrangling in the oil-rich Gulf state. The opposition and its allies won 24 of the assembly's 50 seats, the electoral authority announced following Saturday's snap election called after a dispute over the hiking of petrol prices. Around half of the opposition candidates who won seats are Islamists from a Muslim Brothe... (World)
November 26th @ 4:35 AM GMT
Yahoo! Kuwaitis vote Saturday to elect the seventh parliament in a decade in the oil-rich Gulf emirate, at a time of sharp disputes over subsidy cuts due to falling oil revenues. Half of the opposition candidates are Islamists. Opposition candidates called at their election rallies for wide democratic reforms, promising to fight for economic and social justice and to end rife corruption. (Politics)
November 28th @ 3:21 PM GMT
Yahoo! Kazakh courts sentenced nine Islamic State supporters and two leading political activists to prison terms in separate trials on Monday after their convictions over the two biggest shocks to veteran President Nursultan Nazarbayev's rule. While unrelated, street unrest in April and May and a deadly Islamist attack in June dealt twin blows to stability in the oil-producing Central Asian state run since 1989 by Nazarbayev, who has brooked no dissent but remained broadly popular thanks to risin... (World)