November 27th @ 7:03 PM GMT
Yahoo! Iraqi forces battled the Islamic State group deep in eastern Mosul, edging deeper towards the Tigris river that divides the city. Since the October 17 start of a broad offensive to retake Mosul, Iraqi forces have recaptured several eastern neighbourhoods despite fierce jihadist resistance. Last week they were reported to be in control of 40 percent of eastern Mosul. (Politics)
November 28th @ 10:01 AM GMT
NPR The Iraqi Army, Kurdish fighters and Shiite militias are all grinding toward the city of Mosul. Civilians are fleeing the city in greater numbers, resigning themselves to spending winter in a tent. (World)
November 28th @ 12:24 AM GMT
November 28th @ 12:21 AM GMT
November 26th @ 11:04 AM GMT
Yahoo! Iraqi military and hospital officials say mortar rounds fired by Islamic State militants have killed 16 civilians in neighborhoods already retaken by troops. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 9:03 AM GMT
AP When Iraq's top generals finalized the plan to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group, they gave themselves six month (Top Stories)
November 26th @ 3:47 PM GMT
Yahoo! Iraqi army pilot Hossam Jassim banked his helicopter sharply to the left as a Russian-made Mi-35 gunship flying alongside unleashed a missile at a suspected Islamic State group target. ''It was a pickup truck with a heavy machine gun,'' he said later as he emerged from the cockpit at Qayyarah base, around 50 kilometres (30 miles) south of jihadist bastion Mosul. Down on the ground Iraqi forces are battling to wrest back Mosul, tightening the noose in the surrounding desert and grinding ... (Politics)
November 27th @ 6:18 PM GMT
Yahoo! The women ululated as residents waved white flags Sunday in celebration of Iraqi forces who drove Islamic State group jihadists from their eastern Mosul neighbourhood of Al-Khadraa. ''We are raising white flags to show the army that we're peaceful,'' said shopkeeper Abu Mohammad, a man in his 70s, as he stood outside his store. Iraqi forces launched a major offensive on October 17 to retake Mosul, which is the country's second city and where jihadist supremo Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi procl... (Politics)
November 25th @ 12:44 PM GMT
Yahoo! A medic peeled blood-soaked bandages from the arm of a boy in the emergency room of a hospital in northern Iraq, revealing the full extent of the damage inflicted by an Islamic State mortar attack. Around them were dozens of other civilians who have been wounded in areas of Mosul since they were retaken from Islamic State by Iraqi forces trying to dislodge the militants from their largest urban stronghold in Iraq. The civilians say are not accidental victims caught in the crossfire and that... (World)
November 25th @ 3:59 PM GMT
Yahoo! Iraqi forces should create safe exits for Mosul residents because they cannot protect civilians and wage fierce battles with jihadists at the same time, an aid group said on Friday. The International Rescue Committee also predicted that the fighting to retake the Islamic State group's northern stronghold would last until the spring of 2017 and worried that the trapped population would run out of supplies or take huge risks to flee. ''Even with the best efforts of the Iraqi forces to keep... (Politics)