November 28th @ 8:28 PM GMT
CBS News A new National Geographic series marries documentary interviews about space exploration with a fictionalized account of a manned mission to Mars in 2033 (Entertainment)
November 27th @ 1:02 PM GMT
Yahoo! The new head of South Africa's anti-graft unit, which this month alleged influence-peddling in President Jacob Zuma's cabinet, has laid a complaint against her predecessor for leaking a recorded interview with the president, newspaper Sunday Times reported on Sunday. Former watchdog Thuli Madonsela has said she had the right to make public the audio recording after Zuma accused her of not giving him an opportunity to defend himself. The report focused on claims that the brothers, Ajay, At... (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 8:03 PM GMT
CBS News National Geographic's ''Mars'' miniseries is part documentary and part science fiction. It features interviews with people working on making travel to Mars a reality. Musician and actress Jihae, who plays a set of twins in the series, and former NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld join ''CBS This Morning'' to discuss the series. (Entertainment)
August 31st @ 7:45 PM GMT
E! Online The 24-year-old singer, who want public with her Lupus diagnosis in an interview with (Entertainment)
Selena Gomez
November 28th @ 6:32 PM GMT
Yahoo! President-elect Donald Trump on Monday stepped up his search for a new U.S. secretary of state, with the focus on former CIA head David Petraeus, who is a candidate despite admitting he shared classified information with his mistress. The Republican was to meet Petraeus, a retired general, at Trump Tower in Manhattan in a new round of interviews. Once the top U.S. military commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, Petraeus was sentenced to two years' probation and fined $100,000 last year for the... (Politics)
Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer
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August 25th @ 7:24 PM GMT
E! Online In a candid new interview with Billboard, the 18-year-old ''Stitches'' singer talks about sex, hooking up (Entertainment)
Shawn Mendes, Billboard
October 11th @ 12:00 PM GMT
E! Online But in an exclusive E! News interview with Zuri Hall in honor of E! Stars: Where Are They Now? week, the reality star (Entertainment)
Girls Next Door, Kendra
November 26th @ 2:47 PM GMT
Yahoo! Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro exhales cigar smoke during an interview at the presidential palace in Havana in 1985. Fidel Castro has died, reportedly at the age of 90, with his boots on, stubborn, independent, aloof to the last. The Cuban Revolution may have failed at almost everything it tried, creating a half-century of decline, isolation and deprivation, but in one way Fidel Castro triumphed. (Politics)