November 27th @ 7:06 PM GMT
Yahoo! Volkswagen on Sunday signed a deal with its Algerian sales partner Sovac for the construction of a vehicle assembly plant in the North African country, officials told a news conference. ''The Volkswagen Group opted for participation in Sovac. as we have cooperated successfully with our sales partner for many years,'' said Volkswagen executive Josef Baumert. ''For us, this is a logical step towards increasing vehicle sales in Algeria in the long term,'' he said at the signing ceremon... (Politics)
November 1st @ 10:00 AM GMT
E! Online While pop culture fans may not be seeing Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk on social media and red carpets week after week, E! News has learned (Entertainment)
Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk
Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk
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November 28th @ 10:53 AM GMT
Yahoo! President-elect Donald Trump's big-spending plan and tax cuts are expected to help double the US economic growth rate by 2018, the OECD said Monday, revising its forecasts. The US economy will grow by 2.3 percent in 2017 and 3.0 percent in 2018, said the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The incoming president also campaigned on promises for major corporate tax cuts as part of a wide-ranging blueprint for the limping US economy. (Top Stories)
November 25th @ 7:35 AM GMT
Wall Street Journal Europe is being buffeted by forces—most recently the U.S. election of Donald Trump—that are calling into question long-held assumptions about the benefits of international cooperation. (World)
November 28th @ 1:49 AM GMT
Wall Street Journal French aircraft struck and likely killed one of the most wanted senior al Qaeda operatives in southern Libya earlier this month, marking a new level of cooperation between France and the U.S. on targeting militants, U.S. officials said. (World)
November 26th @ 12:36 PM GMT
Yahoo! The European Union's foreign affairs chief hailed the historical importance of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Saturday and said the bloc's relations with Cuba will continue to improve. Federica Mogherini said Fidel Castro was ''a man of determination and an historical figure,'' adding that his death comes as Cuba faces ''great changes'' and at times of global uncertainty. EU-Cuba relations were relaunched with an agreement on political dialogue and cooperation last spr... (World)