November 28th @ 9:11 AM GMT
Reuters Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen reshuffled his cabinet on Monday to bring in ministers from two other parties after forming a coalition to broaden the base of his minority government. (World)
November 25th @ 11:46 AM GMT
Yahoo! Iceland's Left Green party leader said on Friday she had given up on forming a government and handed back the president's mandate to create one. Katrin Jakobsdottir's failure to negotiate a coalition further extends the political impasse that followed the Oct. 29 snap election. Talks led by her to form a five-party government including the anti-establishment Pirate Party were suspended earlier this week. (World)
November 28th @ 10:30 AM GMT
Yahoo! Yemeni security and medical officials say at least 13 civilians have been killed by an airstrike by the Saudi-led military coalition in a western port city. (World)
November 26th @ 3:47 PM GMT
Yahoo! Iraqi army pilot Hossam Jassim banked his helicopter sharply to the left as a Russian-made Mi-35 gunship flying alongside unleashed a missile at a suspected Islamic State group target. ''It was a pickup truck with a heavy machine gun,'' he said later as he emerged from the cockpit at Qayyarah base, around 50 kilometres (30 miles) south of jihadist bastion Mosul. Down on the ground Iraqi forces are battling to wrest back Mosul, tightening the noose in the surrounding desert and grinding ... (Politics)
November 27th @ 10:47 PM GMT
Yahoo! Yemen's powerful ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, a key ally of the country's dominant Houthi movement, has asked the United Nations Security Council to allow him to travel to Cuba to pay respects to former president Fidel Castro, according to a statement by his party. Saleh, a former counter-terrorism ally of the U.S., has forces fighting alongside Iran-allied Houthis against a Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen where war has killed at least 10,000 people. The United Nations Security Co... (World)
November 25th @ 8:26 PM GMT
Yahoo! Colombia's FARC rebels called Friday for proponents of a controversial peace deal to support a single presidential candidate for elections in 2018, as the guerrillas prepare to turn to politics. Speaking a day after signing a revised peace accord that has left the country deeply divided, FARC chief Rodrigo ''Timochenko'' Londono sought to strike an alliance to protect the deal from its opponents. The proposed coalition would bring together what would once have been unlikely bedfellows:... (World)
November 27th @ 3:03 PM GMT
Yahoo! Denmark's Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said on Sunday he had agreed to form a new government with the Liberal Alliance and the Conservative Party, reducing the risk of snap elections. The deal, announced on Twitter, allows Rasmussen to cling to power after threats by political allies in recent months to overthrow his minority government due to conflicting demands on tax cuts, immigration and welfare policies. The new government, which will be presented on Monday, will still need sup... (World)
September 9th @ 10:49 PM GMT
E! Online GenEndit, a coalition dedicated to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030, invites us all to (Entertainment)
November 26th @ 2:59 PM GMT
Yahoo! For two weeks every five years in the Gambia, political activists across the spectrum are permitted to gather for boisterous rallies that would ordinarily put demonstrators at risk of jail. Friday was the moment that supporters of Adama Barrow, the candidate for a coalition of seven opposition parties in the December 1 presidential election, held a rolling rally along several kilometres of road to welcome him home from campaigning in the provinces. There is less than a week to go before Bar... (Politics)
November 26th @ 1:40 PM GMT
Reuters Iraq's parliament approved a law on Saturday that will transform Popular Mobilisation forces, a mostly Iranian-backed coalition of Shi'ite militias that played a role in fighting Islamic State, into a legal and separate military corps. (World)