November 28th @ 7:39 PM GMT
CBS News Terrorists in Belgium killed 32 people in March through attacks at Brussels Airport and a train station. Former professional basketball player Sebastien Bellin was among the wounded at the airport. He was on his way home to his wife and two young daughters in Michigan. CBS News' Vladimir Duthiers followed Bellin's story over the past eight months. Bellin joins ''CBS This Morning'' to discuss how he's moving on in his recovery journey. (U.S. News)
November 27th @ 5:18 AM GMT
CBS News Thirty-two people were killed last March when terrorists bombed an airport and a train station in Brussels, Belgium. Among the injured was a former professional basketball player named Sebastien Bellin. On ''48 Hours,'' Vladimir Duthiers has his remarkable story of survival. (U.S. News)
November 25th @ 7:58 PM GMT
CBS News It's been eight months since terrorists targeted the capital of Belgium. Thirty-two people died in attacks at Brussels Airport and a train station. Among the wounded was former professional basketball player Sebastien Bellin. You rarely get to witness such a personal battle to survive, but Bellin vowed to his family and himself that terrorists would not win, reports Vladimir Duthiers. Here's a preview of Saturday's ''48 Hours'' special. (World)