September 26th @ 10:00 AM GMT
E! Online Nicole Williams finally got the chance to say ''yes'' to longtime boyfriend Larry English after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end got down on (Entertainment)
Nicole Williams, Larry English, Engagement
Nicole Williams, Larry English, Engagement
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August 29th @ 12:40 PM GMT
E! Online After being ''stuck in traffic'' and missing most of the 2016 MTV VMAs at Madison Square Garden, the rapper, (Entertainment)
Rihanna, Drake
August 26th @ 1:45 PM GMT
E! Online Kylie Jenner was ''MIA'' last weekend because she was suffering from food poisoning. But after the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star (Entertainment)
Kylie Jenner, Instagram
November 28th @ 11:54 PM GMT
CBS News After wave of criticism, TV show devoted to women's issues apologizes for segment on hiding bruises (World)
November 25th @ 8:06 PM GMT
Yahoo! Just three months after the Olympics ended, Rio's beautiful but controversial golf course is eerily quiet with birds' squawks far louder than the whack of balls. ''It's so frustrating for us to get as far as we did. (Sports)
November 28th @ 7:00 PM GMT
Yahoo! After years of anticipation, Netflix has produced and released six new hours of Gilmore Girls. The original Gilmore Girls is a Bush Two-era classic, an occasionally sappy drama about a mother-daughter friendship anchored by its characters rapid-fire dialogue and encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture. It had flaws, sure even the most adoring Gilmore Girls fan will concede that Rory was a little spoiled, and her mother Lorelai was a little immature, and that its weird as heck that they never ... (Technology)
November 27th @ 5:43 PM GMT
Yahoo! Thousands of civilians have fled rebel-held east Aleppo after government forces, determined to retake all of Syria's second city, seized its largest rebel-controlled district and advanced into two other areas. The capture on Saturday of Masaken Hanano -- which had been the biggest rebel-held district of Aleppo -- was a major breakthrough in a 13-day regime offensive to retake the entire city. On Sunday, regime forces also took control of two neighbouring areas, Jabal Badra and Baadeen, the... (World)
September 28th @ 6:18 PM GMT
E! Online While many Disney alum--like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas--have each gone their own, separate ways following their stint as child stars on the famous channel, they all (Entertainment)
Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez
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November 26th @ 4:46 PM GMT
Yahoo! President Barack Obama on Saturday said the United States is extending ''a hand of friendship to the Cuban people'' following the death of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. The United States restored diplomatic ties with Cuba in July 2015 and re-opened its embassy in Havana a month later in a historic rapprochement ending more than a half-century of Cold War enmity with the communist island. Obama made a landmark visit to Cuba in March. (Politics)
November 26th @ 7:13 PM GMT
Yahoo! U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said on Saturday that his administration would ''do all it can'' once he takes office on Jan. 20 to help increase freedom and prosperity for Cuban people after the death of Fidel Castro. Obama used his executive powers on a series of steps to ease trade, travel and financial restrictions against Cuba, arguing it was time to try diplomacy after the half-century-long economic embargo againstCuba had failed to shake the regime. Trump's first statement on ... (Top Stories)