November 28th @ 4:05 PM GMT
NPR A spokesperson for the Columbus Fire Department confirmed to NPR that at least nine people have been transported to local hospitals. One of them was said to be in critical condition. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 3:46 PM GMT
NPR Through the eyes of those who work to make companies ''inclusive,'' the 2016 election suggests two things: Business will pick up, but it won't be business as usual. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 3:38 PM GMT
CNN President-elect Donald Trump alleged Sunday, without evidence, that ''millions of people'' voted illegally for Hillary Clinton and otherwise he would have won the popular vote. It's an unprecedented allegation by a president-elect. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 3:29 PM GMT
NPR The judge in the federal trial of Dylann Roof, who is accused of murdering nine people in the basement of a historically black church, has ruled that the defendant may represent himself in court. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 3:14 PM GMT
Reuters Cubans began lining up five hours in advance of a mass gathering in Havana's Revolution Square on Monday to commemorate Fidel Castro, the guerrilla leader who led a leftist revolution in 1959 and ruled the Caribbean island for half a century. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 3:14 PM GMT
Reuters The Syrian army and its allies announced the capture of a swathe of eastern Aleppo from rebels on Monday in an accelerating attack that threatens to crush the opposition in its most important urban stronghold. (Top Stories)