November 28th @ 6:07 PM GMT
Yahoo! From a remote corner of northeastern Myanmar, an insurgent army sells tin ore to suppliers of some of the world's largest consumer companies. More than 500 companies, including leading brands such as smartphone maker Apple , coffee giant Starbucks and luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co , list among their suppliers Chinese-controlled firms that indirectly buy ore from the Man Maw mine near Myanmar's border with China, a Reuters examination of the supply chain found. The mine is controlled by ... (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 6:05 PM GMT
Yahoo! The number of migrants who have reached Italy by boat from North Africa this year has already topped a previous record set two years ago, official data show, as pressure on Italy's shelter and asylum systems grows. Italy has borne the brunt of new arrivals since the implementation in March of an agreement between the European Union and Turkey to curb the flow of migrants sailing for Greece. As of Nov. 28, 171,299 boat migrants had reached Italy's shores, the Interior Ministry said, compar... (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 6:03 PM GMT
Yahoo! Notre Dame and UConn still sit atop The Associated Press women's basketball poll while Colorado, Auburn and Texas A&M all entered the Top 25 for the first time this season. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 6:02 PM GMT
Yahoo! At least eight people were injured in an apparent car-ramming and knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday, triggering an hours-long lockdown before authorities declared the campus secure. One suspect was shot and killed, the university said in a statement, while local television station WBNS reported that police had led two people out in handcuffs from a garage they surrounded on the campus in Columbus. The incident was called an active shooter situation, but it was unclear whether ... (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 6:02 PM GMT
Yahoo! Zimbabwe launched a ''bond notes'' currency which held its value against the U.S. dollar on Monday, despite warnings that it could cause hyperinflation and suggestions it could bring down President Robert Mugabe. At the Road Port bus station in the capital Harare, an informal foreign currency market, traders said the $2 bond notes were trading, as planned by the central bank, at 1:1 with the dollar. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 5:57 PM GMT
NPR Since the war on drugs began, some 5,000 people have been killed, 2,000 by police and 3,000 in extrajudicial killings. Reporter Michael Sullivan has been following the war in one Manila neighborhood.<em> </em> (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 5:56 PM GMT
CNN An active shooter has been reported on the Ohio State University campus, according to the university's Department of Public Safety website. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 5:55 PM GMT
Yahoo! In a story Nov. 25 about the delivery of a trail groomer to an Austrian resort, The Associated Press, citing local officials, reported erroneously that the vehicle had initially been sent to the wrong town. The town's tourism office acknowledged Monday that it had made the story up. (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 5:55 PM GMT
NPR To develop a new variety of kale tailored to American palates, plant researchers are surveying consumer attitudes on the leafy green. The takeaway so far? ''Be less like kale.'' (Top Stories)
November 28th @ 5:54 PM GMT
CNN See some of the photos that were posted on social media by Ohio State University students during a campus-wide lockdown on Monday, November 28. A suspect attacked several people with a knife, sending eight people to the hospital, authorities said. (Top Stories)