November 25th @ 1:55 PM GMT
Yahoo! Vlad Savov In addition to everything else on sale on Black Friday, its also a great time to pick up some deals on new audio equipment. Whether youre looking for a new pair of headphones, or some great new speakers, weve combed through the various circulars and advertisements to find the best of the best Black Friday headphone and speaker deals. The best headphones to buy on Black FridayThe Verges Vlad Savov reviewed the AKG N60NC as some of the best on-ear noise-canceling headphones on the ... (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:53 PM GMT
Yahoo! As anticipation mounts ahead of the release of ''Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,'' Softbank is offering fans the chance to represent the dark side or the light side, via their phones. The phones come with a host of Star Wars-themed functions, such as live wallpapers, special emoji and ringtones, and even a movie player app that means users can watch ''The Force Awakens'' on their handsets until 2020. (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:43 PM GMT
Yahoo! Amelia Krales Black Friday is finally here. And while theres some amazing deals to be had, its tough to sort through them all. Weve been rounding up all the various deals across product categories and companies to find the best options for the last few weeks, and now were taking a look at the best of the best weve seen so far. Its by no means a comprehensive list there are far too many deals out there but here are the best deals weve seen on our favorite products so far. (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:17 PM GMT
SlashDot From a ScienceDaily alert: Scientists have managed to coax living cells into making carbon-silicon bonds, demonstrating for the first time that nature can incorporate silicon -- one of the most abundant elements on Earth -- into the building blocks of life. While chemists have achieved carbon-silicon bonds before -- they're found in everything from paints and semiconductors to computer and TV screens -- they've so far never been found in nature, and these new cells could help us understan... (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:17 PM GMT
SlashDot Japan plans to build the world's fastest-known supercomputer in a bid to arm the country's manufacturers with a platform for research that could help them develop and improve driverless cars, robotics and medical diagnostics. From a Reuters report: The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will spend 19.5 billion yen ($173 million) on the previously unreported project, a budget breakdown shows, as part of a government policy to get back Japan's mojo in the world of technology. The coun... (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:17 PM GMT
SlashDot Earlier this year, photographer Carol Highsmith received a $120 settlement demand from Getty Images after she used one of her own public domain images on her website (which is she had donated to the Library of Congress and made available to the public to reproduce and display for free). Highsmith responded with a $1bn lawsuit but after a few short months, as TorrentFreak reports, the case is all over, with neither side a clear winner. From the report: To begin, on October 28, US District Co... (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:15 PM GMT
Yahoo! Apple has Black Friday deals for you this year, and theyre finally available in America and other markets we first got wind of the sale from Apples Australia and New Zealand stores . Before you whip out your credit card though, you should know that Apples sales wont get you the best savings on Apple gear this Black Friday. DEAL ALERT: The best Black Friday sale of the year is happening right now! You should also know that Apples best products arent included in Apples sale promo. So if youre... (Technology)
November 25th @ 1:00 PM GMT
Yahoo! Finding the funding for smart city technology is often only the first step in the lengthy process of becoming a connected city. (Technology)