November 28th @ 9:02 PM GMT
CBS News The former CIA director and retired general is under consideration to become Mr. Trump's secretary of state; Trump meets with Bob Corker and Mitt Romney Tuesday (Politics)
November 28th @ 8:46 PM GMT
CBS News The president has a 50 percent approval rating heading into his final months in office, a new poll found Monday (Politics)
November 28th @ 5:33 PM GMT
CBS News Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine's chief national correspondent and a CBS News political contributor, joins ''CBS This Morning'' from Washington to discuss why President-elect Donald Trump's inner circle is publicly fighting over Mitt Romney as potential pick for secretary of state. He also discusses voting recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. (Politics)
November 28th @ 5:30 PM GMT
CBS News President-elect Donald Trump has a series of meetings with potential administration hires in New York. The possible choice of Mitt Romney for secretary of state is creating divisions in Mr. Trump's inner circle. Major Garrett shows how an influential Trump adviser has been outspoken against Romney. (Politics)
November 28th @ 5:25 PM GMT
CBS News Donald Trump is lashing out at Hillary Clinton's campaign for getting involved in a recount effort in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tells CBS News her campaign has raised more than $6 million for the efforts. The president-elect alleged widespread voter fraud and disputed Clinton's nearly two-million popular vote lead. Jan Crawford reports. (Politics)
November 28th @ 5:22 PM GMT
CBS News President-elect Donald Trump denounces plans to recount the vote in three states. Hillary Clinton's campaign is now backing the recount in Wisconsin after conceding the election. Also, Cuba mourns the loss of a leader, Fidel Castro, while Miami cheers the death of a dictator. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds. <a href='''' target=''_blank''><u>Get the Eye Opener delivered straight to your in... (Politics)
November 28th @ 10:12 AM GMT
CBS News The election system in Pennsylvania means we are going to jump through some hoops, Stein says in a video to Pennsylvania voters (Politics)
November 28th @ 5:55 AM GMT
CBS News While slamming recount effort that could affect Electoral College, president-elect claims he also won popular vote, despite evidence (Politics)
November 28th @ 1:26 AM GMT
CBS News Some in Trump camp are stepping up attacks on Mitt Romney, an apparent contender for the chief diplomat job (Politics)
November 27th @ 11:43 PM GMT
CBS News The latest news on what's going on with the presidential transition - Trump attacks Clinton team over joining recount efforts, leaves Mar-a-Lago for New York (Politics)