November 28th @ 3:12 PM GMT
Yahoo! Throngs of Cubans began streaming to Havana's iconic Revolution Square to pay tribute to Fidel Castro on Monday, kicking off an emotional, week-long farewell to the divisive Cold War titan. Mourners, many of whom had lined up before dawn, began filling the square as soon as it opened with a salvo of 21 cannon shots from a colonial fort overlooking Havana harbor. (Politics)
November 28th @ 3:04 PM GMT
Reuters Donald Trump will meet with retired U.S. General David Petraeus on Monday as the president-elect considers him to serve as U.S. secretary of state, Bloomberg reported, citing a senior official with Trump's transition team. (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:59 PM GMT
Yahoo! Syria launched a blistering verbal attack Monday on ''Western'' countries that have accused it of using chemical weapons in its deadly five-year conflict, calling the allegations ''a campaign of lies''. ''The multitude of accusations, made in some Western circles without any tangible evidence, as to the responsibility of the Syrian government in cases of use of toxic chemicals are but a part of a coordinated and repeated campaign of lies,'' Syria's deputy foreign minister Faisa... (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:51 PM GMT
Yahoo! Ukraine's former Moscow-backed president on Monday accused pro-EU protesters who forced his ouster of provoking the 31-month pro-Russian revolt in the southeast that has claimed nearly 10,000 lives. Viktor Yanukovych is standing as a witness in the court case of five Ukrainian riot police who are accused of opening fire at mostly unarmed people during the February 2014 revolution that turned the ex-Soviet republic toward the West. Yanukovych himself stands accused of treason in Ukraine. (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:50 PM GMT
Yahoo! President-elect Donald Trump warned Monday that he would terminate U.S. diplomatic and economic outreach to Cuba unless Havana undertakes unspecified steps to benefit its people, Cuban-Americans and the United States. If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal, Trump said on Twitter. The president-elects comment came two days after Trump greeted Fidel Castros death with a statement that notably di... (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:47 PM GMT
Reuters U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said in a tweet on Monday he would end the United States' ''deal'' with Cuba unless a better one was made, reflecting his campaign pledge to reverse President Barack Obama's moves to open relations with the Cold War adversary. (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:45 PM GMT
Yahoo! The new leader of Britain's anti-EU UKIP pledged Monday to bring the party together, as he took over from Brexit firebrand Nigel Farage after a tumultuous few months. Former history lecturer Paul Nuttall vowed unity in the party -- a driving force behind Britain's vote to leave the EU now struggling with infighting and a funding plunge. ''The country needs a strong UKIP more now than ever before,'' he said, urging the party to keep pressuring the government for ''real Brexit''. (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:44 PM GMT
Yahoo! President-elect Donald Trump on Monday threatened to end the US thaw with Cuba unless Havana makes concessions on human rights and opening up its economy. ''If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal,'' Trump said on Twitter. Trump's hard line came just a day after his senior advisors promised to strike a ''better deal'' with the communist-ruled island after former leader Fidel Castro's ... (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:44 PM GMT
Yahoo! The Supreme Court won't take up an appeal from a Native American church in Hawaii that wants to be exempt from federal marijuana laws. (Politics)
November 28th @ 2:42 PM GMT
Yahoo! Zimbabweans on Monday greeted their new ''bond note'' currency with deep suspicion that it could herald the return of hyperinflation that destroyed their savings less than 10 years ago. The country has operated mainly on US dollars since 2009, but banks and cash machines started dispersing new ''bond notes'' valued at the equivalent of $1 and $2. The new currency is meant to tackle the severe shortage of US dollar notes in Zimbabwe, where the economy has been in crisis for years and... (Politics)