November 25th @ 4:04 PM GMT
CNN Donald Trump has spent the tail end of this holiday week continuing to have phone conversations with foreign leaders. (Politics)
November 25th @ 4:02 PM GMT
Yahoo! Francois Fillon, the man tipped to win the French rightwing presidential nomination on Sunday, is a free-market reformer, devout Catholic and motor sport fan who has promised to transform France. Fillon, 62, has professed admiration for Britain's 1980s prime minister Margaret Thatcher and vowed to slash public spending to shrink the French state. Sarkozy, who crashed out in third place, had once dismissed Fillon as a ''Mr Nobody'' when he served as Sarkozy's prime minister from 2007 t... (Politics)
November 25th @ 3:59 PM GMT
Yahoo! Iraqi forces should create safe exits for Mosul residents because they cannot protect civilians and wage fierce battles with jihadists at the same time, an aid group said on Friday. The International Rescue Committee also predicted that the fighting to retake the Islamic State group's northern stronghold would last until the spring of 2017 and worried that the trapped population would run out of supplies or take huge risks to flee. ''Even with the best efforts of the Iraqi forces to keep... (Politics)
November 25th @ 3:55 PM GMT
Yahoo! Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday warned the European Union he would sign a law bringing back the death penalty if it was approved by parliament. ''Democracy, it's respecting the people's will,'' Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul. ''If the people say 'we want the death penalty' and this goes to parliament and parliament passes it and it comes to me, I declare I will approve this,'' he added. (Politics)
November 25th @ 3:37 PM GMT
Reuters U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has recently spoken with the leaders of Greece, Hungary, Panama, Slovenia and Sweden, his transition team said in a statement on Friday. (Politics)
November 25th @ 3:14 PM GMT
Yahoo! Jerusalem (AFP) - Israel has accused France of aiding a boycott of the Jewish state, after Paris announced new guidelines for labelling goods from settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. (Politics)
November 25th @ 2:14 PM GMT
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November 25th @ 1:56 PM GMT
Yahoo! Britain's anti-EU party UKIP will announce a new leader Monday to succeed Nigel Farage and seek to unite a party beset by infighting and division despite its Brexit victory. Since his resignation following the EU referendum in June, Farage has ridden the wave of his campaign's success to the United States where he emerged as a keen ally of President-elect Donald Trump. Three candidates are now competing for the leadership -- former deputy leader Paul Nuttall, former deputy chairman Suzann... (Politics)