November 28th @ 9:09 AM GMT
Wall Street Journal The latest violence against the ethnic minority has killed dozens of people and exposed the limits of Aung San Suu Kyi’s authority over the military that until recently ran the country. (World)
November 28th @ 2:01 AM GMT
Wall Street Journal Israeli police have arrested about two dozen Arabs on suspicion of arson after wildfires spread across the country, local authorities said Sunday, drawing sharp criticism from some politicians as tens of thousands fled their homes. (World)
November 28th @ 1:49 AM GMT
Wall Street Journal French aircraft struck and likely killed one of the most wanted senior al Qaeda operatives in southern Libya earlier this month, marking a new level of cooperation between France and the U.S. on targeting militants, U.S. officials said. (World)
November 28th @ 1:29 AM GMT
Wall Street Journal The death of Fidel Castro is putting unexpected pressure on President-elect Donald Trump to follow through on earlier promises to reverse the recent openings to Cuba made by President Barack Obama. (World)
November 27th @ 11:15 PM GMT
Wall Street Journal Fidel Castro’s legacy in Cuba, a country he ruled for five decades, is likely to endure for many years to come. (World)
November 27th @ 11:02 PM GMT
Wall Street Journal François Fillon, a free market social conservative, won France’s center-right primary by a landslide, positioning him as the leading mainstream candidate to take on National Front leader Marine Le Pen in presidential elections this spring. (World)
November 27th @ 8:22 PM GMT
Wall Street Journal A flotilla of Russian warships in the Mediterranean is providing a high-profile show of force in support of the Syrian regime. But the deployment has also thrown into sharp relief the limits of Moscow’s conventional military. (World)
November 27th @ 8:12 PM GMT
Wall Street Journal Hundreds of people fled their homes in Aleppo Sunday as pro-regime forces continued to advance into opposition-held areas amid intense bombardment, seizing control of at least one neighborhood as they gained momentum against rebels in the war-torn city. (World)
November 27th @ 6:44 PM GMT
Wall Street Journal Brazil President Michel Temer vowed to derail efforts by the nation’s lawmakers to try to shield themselves from prosecution in an epic graft probe that has rocked the country. (World)
November 27th @ 3:59 PM GMT
Wall Street Journal Iraq’s Sunni lawmakers pledged to challenge in court a newly passed law that formalizes the combat role of Iranian-backed Shiite militias in the battle against Islamic State. (World)